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Julia winery is a family business owned by the Arraf family, located in the heart of one of the most beautiful villages in the galilee, Mii’lya village which is located in the edge of Wadi El Qurain national park (Kziv) and the Montfort Castle.

This region is plentiful of traditional ancient wine-presses used for wine making since thousands of years like the Montfort castle on the top of Wadi El Qurain and “Chateau de Rua” – the King’s fortress which was built over the ruins of the 12th Crusader fortress. George, the founder of the winery is an Agronomist with vast experience in agriculture growing and a person with big passion for traditional creations started the winery initial steps by cultivation a piece of land close to the Arraf’s olive oil plantation to create continuous green plantation which combine between these 2 ancient traditional productions.

Summer time is the season to gather all the Arraf family members from close and abroad to celebrate the harvest of the new season, it’s the moment that mother Julia waits every year!
Julia winery named after Julia – George’s wife and today producing around 15000 bottles/year of red, white and Rose wines.

Terroir and vineyards:

The Arraf family grows about 2 hectares of vineyards around the village of Miilya in the western Galilee in 3 different sites, elevations between 500-600m above sea level.
In addition the family has long term contract with 2 vineyards in the upper Galilee: Bir’im and Kerem ben Zemra.
The uniqueness of the western Galilee is the combination between high elevations with hot summer days with temperature drop at night and closeness to the Mediterranean sea which bring fresh and cooler air from the sea in the very hot summer days.

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